Rookwood Tile

 When approaching the design of the Over-the-Rhine Community Housing art tile, artist Terri Kern wanted to tell a story of how this organization impacts the community one person at a time. Each image on the art tile represents a characteristic or philosophy of the organization. Terri initially met with OTRCH to discuss our mission and vision and with our thoughts and her thoughts designed an art tile representing the breadth of OTRCH.

 On each of the four corners, Terri picked what she felt were the four major characteristics of Over-the-Rhine. The bird represents the spirit and voice and diversity of the people in the community. Just as the bird awakens every morning with a song, the people of Over-the-Rhine are making a difference each day through their positive vision for the community. The open hand in the bottom corner of the art tile represents compassion, acceptance, and sweat equity that has gone into strengthening the community. The tape measure and handsaw represent the progress the organization has been able to accomplish with limited resources and a lot of commitment.

 The banner that reads ‘Our Beloved Community’ speaks to how we feel about this place where we live, work, raise families, and build a community by coming together.