Giving Tuesday

CCC 016

CCC is our promise to the youth of OTR to provide an inviting and engaging place where they are always welcome. Your #GivingTuesday donation will help us keep that promise.

Children’s Creative Corner (CCC) embodies OTRCH’s commitment to put community first. Twice a week, CCC is where we help develop the young minds and hearts of our neighborhood’s youth through art projects, homework assistance, community engagement events, field trips, camping adventures and much more.

Children’s Creative Corner is dedicated to building a better future for our children. It is a place where kids can express themselves creatively, help their community, and communicate their feelings in a healthy, responsible way. At CCC, kids flex their creative muscle by painting, cooking, designing kites, bracelets, superheroes, wreaths and so much more. For many kids in OTR, CCC is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn new skills while expanding their imaginations.

Children’s Creative Corner also gives kids a chance to learn about the world and travel to places they wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to. CCC kids are given the opportunity to take part in field trips to places like the zoo, the Cincinnati Museum Center, or Reds games. Best of all, once every summer, CCC holds a week-long summer camp at Camp Ernst in Burlington, KY. These trips allow children to get a different perspective on their world, make new friends, and develop positive behavior skills. The price to send one child to Camp Ernst next summer is $300. This #GivingTuesday, create an unforgettable experience in the life of a child by sending them to summer camp!

Since 2007, we have seen over 100 different kids walk through the doors of Children’s Creative Corner. Many of these children live below the poverty line and have experienced homelessness. Our staff and team of dedicated volunteers welcome these children through our free, open-door policy. CCC is our promise to the youth of OTR to provide an inviting and engaging place where they are always welcome. Your #GivingTuesday donation will help us keep that promise.



‘Erika’ proudly carries the distinction of being the “longest attending Children’s Creative Corner kid.” Now 12 years old, Erika has been coming to CCC since she was just 4. All of us at CCC feel privileged to have watched Erika grow up and to see her become more brave and creative during art projects and activities.  No longer does Erika hesitate before jumping into creating something. We see her strengths in her desire to learn and in the way she can have fun with her friends. She is still as curious as she was when she was 4—her conversation with anyone will most likely begin with “what are you doing?”—but she is 12 now, a big sister, and a seasoned CCC veteran.  Erika now fills a care-giving role—she knows where all the supplies are kept, can often be seen doing a younger girl’s hair, and shares stories about the ever-anticipated week at Camp Ernst each summer with new campers. 

If you volunteer for any amount of time at CCC you will inevitably receive a handwritten note from Erika.  She is a master note writer, who loves to share what she likes about you, how special you are to her, and that she is glad you are at CCC.  The feeling is certainly mutual, Erika!

Erika is an example of the very best aspect of CCC—forming long-lasting relationships with the children of OTR. We are committed to CCC, so that Erika knows there is a safe, engaging place on East Clifton for her to go to. The familiar faces of our staff and volunteers will continue to welcome her at the door, just as they have done for over 100 kids over the last eight years. Your #GivingTuesday donation will help us keep our doors open to Erika and to the children of OTR.



When ‘Magdalene’ and her two children anonymously joined a program for survivors of domestic violence, she began a process of healing that led her family to Over-the-Rhine Community Housing.

Given much to overcome, Magdalene is a strong woman, dedicated to interpersonal growth and to building an expanding, supportive network for her sons, Alejandro (6) and Karlos (5). Even after a long day at work, Magdalene makes sure her sons finish their homework each night. Alejandro is in kindergarten this year, and is able to attend the local elementary school nearby his home in OTR. In his first few months of school, his teacher noticed that he demonstrated exceptional skills in math and reading. Magdalene remains dedicated to her boys, but she often wonders what she’ll do when their curriculum begins to surpass her academic abilities.

OTRCH’s youth engagement program, Children’s Creative Corner (CCC), provides a place where Magdalene’s sons can receive the homework help they need. Through our free, open-door policy, children like Alejandro and Karlos can participate in art class, community engagement projects, and healthy social-emotional learning. As a single parent, Magdalene is grateful for the opportunities made possible at CCC, and the positive impact this programming has on their lives. Your #GivingTuesday donation will make the same positive impact on Magdalene’s family and many others who depend on CCC’s programming.

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