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Our Resident Services team provides supportive services so individuals and families successfully transition into housing and establish support systems to assist them in maintaining stability in their housing. Resident Services staff are available to listen to, share, and reflect back the needs of the community.

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Housing Support

Our Resident Services team works to remove barriers with residents and ensure they maintain their stable housing. This includes working on an individual basis to help identify goals, supporting residents during times of crisis (job loss, illness, or other factors that can affect the ability to remain housed), and supporting the mental and physical health and wellbeing of residents while helping to improve the overall quality of their lives.

Blended Property Management

Blended Property Management

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing employs a unique best practice of blended management, a system that combines both our Resident Services and Property Management teams. This unique blended management model means that families have multiple ways to access services and we are proactive in helping to identify needs. Our Property Management staff meet regularly with the Resident Services’ team to ensure that individuals and families have needs addressed with immediacy. Many times, front-line staff, including our maintenance team, will notice a need or be in homes talking with residents as a crisis emerges and notify our Residents Service staff who can offer support and quickly make referrals.

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Resident Engagement

Resident engagement activities include annual celebrations such as our various holiday events and, monthly summer block parties. Organizational developments and access to external opportunities and resources are often shared with our community through these engagement efforts. Through resident engagement, we stay connected to the community, our values, and to each other.


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Be Part of the Solution

It is widely understood that our city and our country is experiencing an affordable housing crisis. In Cincinnati that means that 28,000 households with the lowest incomes are paying more than 30% of their income for housing. There are only 40 units for every 100 households seeking affordable housing.

We are part of the solution! Our skilled team brings together the complicated financing tools to develop new housing units every year while simultaneously preserving existing housing.

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