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What sets Over-the-Rhine Community Housing apart from other affordable housing developers is that we not only manage, and lease high-quality housing, but also provide direct resident services and advocate with, and on behalf of, residents.

We stand apart from other housing operations with our unique best practice of blended management, a system that combines both property management and resident services. This means that families have multiple ways to access services and we are proactive in helping to identify needs. Our leasing, property management, and maintenance staff meet regularly with the social services team to ensure that individuals and families have needs addressed with immediacy.

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We advocate for more affordable housing resources from local, state, and national sources alongside residents and neighbors.

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The Solution is Affordable Housing

The challenge in affordable housing is that the math doesn’t work. Too many of our neighbors can’t afford to pay the cost of developing and operating a unit of housing. The available tools to address the gap are extremely complicated and completely insufficient leaving many of us vulnerable and our housing unstable. We work with community-based groups across several Cincinnati neighborhoods to bring needed affordable housing to their community and to replicate our blended management approach to property management.

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