Children’s Creative Corner is a youth art program started in summer 2007 by Over-the-Rhine Community Housing. Developed to offer a nurturing and creative outlet for low-income youth in the neighborhood, the program is structured to be highly accessible, meeting twice weekly at 220 East Clifton Ave, a space central to many young families in the community. Children are welcome to attend as they are able, and participation is free. Each evening, participants trickle in to play games, work on homework, color, and have a snack before the class begins an organized craft together. As youth develop their creative abilities, they are also acquiring life skills by discovering means of positive self-expression and cooperation with peers. Participation is open to anyone from 5 to 14 years of age, which allows entire groups of siblings and cousins to attend together.

At Children’s Creative Corner, we seek to cultivate an environment in which youth of Over-the-Rhine may grow personally and creatively while developing a strong sense of community both inside the classroom and out.

If you have questions about participation, please contact Children’s Creative Corner Coordinator, Emily Stant-Kelly at [email protected]Due to Covid-19, we are not currently meeting for regular art class. If you or your kids needs some extra resources while everyone is staying at home, please reach out to Ms. Emily for potential resources. 

*We are not currently accepting new volunteers due to Covid-19.  Interested in volunteering?
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