At Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, we develop and manage resident-centered affordable housing to build inclusive community and benefit low-income residents.


Quality stable housing for all in a socially, racially and economically inclusive community.


  • Housing is a right and should be available to all.
  • All people deserve dignified housing.
  • Housing must include the most vulnerable members of our community.
  • All relationships must be shaped by justice, community, and inclusion.
  • Neighborhood amenities and services are available for all members of our diverse community.
  • All persons are respected and valued.

OTRCH is a non-profit community development organization that provides a wide spectrum of affordable and supportive housing options with life-changing programs that help low-income residents in Over-the-Rhine succeed. For over four decades, OTRCH has never wavered from its commitment to:

  1. Build a sustainable, diverse neighborhood that values and benefits low-income residents.
  2. Create an inclusive community in this evolving historic district.
  3. Advocate on behalf of its residents.

To meet this mission, OTRCH has restored 86 properties (420 housing units) and assembled a broad mix of 20+ service providers/agency partners and volunteers to ensure that residents receive affordable housing along with access to health care, job services, education, faith-based services and community associations that strengthen their ability to succeed.

If you would like to schedule a tour of our properties to witness the important work we do every day to make a difference in the lives of Over-the-Rhine’s low-income residents, please do not hesitate to contact us at (513) 381-1171 or [email protected].